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Can't Find a Birth Control That Works

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Hi everyone! 

So basically the first birth control I ever took was Levlen but I had to stop that within two weeks because it gave me severe stomach issues. 

Then my doc prescribed Microgestin Fe 1/20. At first it worked like a charm. My skin totally cleared within the first month! I noticed that as each month went by, I would break out a little more before my period, but nothing ever like I used to get... until 4 months in when I got a full blown cystic acne breakout and I was advised to stop. 

My dermatologist switched me to Ocella and that gave me horrible cystic breakouts. I noticed that every time placebo week hit my skin cleared up and so I finally stopped. I'm still recovering from a horrible breakout from that pill and my skin is still having smaller breakouts. 

I feel so discouraged! I feel like my skin can clear on birth control because I had decent luck the first few months on Microgestin...how many pills have you all had to go through to find the right one? Any suggestions?

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