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Insulin theory - Hypoglycemia

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I've been battling acne for 10 years now, and like many others, i've tried almost everything by now.
What i keep coming back to, is that diet has got to be related, and i think that my acne is only one symptom of many that something is not right in my body.

At the moment i am having huge trouble with my energy levels, and extreme brain fog. I've been to the doctor to get tested for high blood sugar, but it was not an issue.
However, now that i've bought a glucometer to test at home, i've figured out that i have very low blood sugar at times. At one point it was 2.7, and another time it was 2.9 - the normal range is between 4-8 aproximately. On these occasions, i ate something like an apple on an empty stomach, and almost passed out an hour later, with sweating, shaking and all that fun stuff.

Now i have a suspicion that my acne is connected to a high insulin level in the body, related to something called reactive hypoglycemia (low blood sugar after eating).

This could also explain why i (again, like most acne sufferers) are underweight, and never gain fat no matter what or how much i eat.

I've tried doing a keto diet, but that didn't clear me entirely, which i think is related to the huge amount of dairy i ate on the diet.
Now my strategy is to eat a balanced diet, but with smaller portions to avoid a high insulin spike.

I also have issues with white tongue, and other yeast related problems.

What are your thoughts on this?

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Hi Hans,
I've just come across your post. You are me ;D

I have suffered reactive hypoglycemia since I was a child, except I didn't know what it was until I was diagnosed at age 30.
I have suffered acne for over 20 years. I've stumbled across this post as I'm having a particularly bad flare up at the moment and am doing a bit of reading on carnivore.

Anyway as I had no clue I was suffering a blood sugar disorder I never connected it to my acne, and it wasn't actually until I was reading up on gluten intolerance that I came across low carb, started reading up on that and it all started making sense. 

I started doing low carb a few years ago and saw a great improvement in my skin. Like you though I also have what Im sure are yeast problems, I think this is the last piece of the puzzle and maybe why low carb, though great has not helped me 100%

I'm considering trying a carnivore diet, but also hesitant as I already struggle with low carb to be honest. I don't know whether to just cut out dairy, though Ive tried and failed at this in the past as well

I do think it is all related to the reactive hypoglycemia, as I think its  done decades worth of damage that I now cant undo. Doesn't look like there is any cure for it on the horizon and can only be controlled by diet. Since going low carb the oily skin is so much better and I know too much insulin can cause oily skin. its been enough to stop the painful cysts but not enough to get rid of the acne completely.

Anyway it would be good to share what we are doing with each other seen as we seem so simliar, if you are still about?

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Y'all, I have the same issues! Just recently my blood sugar has been crazier than usual and actually interrupts my daily life at this point. I'm planning on going to a specialist soon, but I'm going to try a low- GI diet or low carb ish diet while I wait on an appointment. I have wondered for a while if high insulin levels could have something to do with acne! .... especially since both my cystic acne and my insulin/blood glucose seem to have gone haywire at the same time. I've not been diagnosed with hypoglycemia but I was tested for high blood sugar because I knew something was off and tests came back negative (which I expected, seeing as I have symptoms of low blood sugar). Anyway, I'd love to hear what y'all have figured out as far as helping insulin levels and blood glucose remain normal!

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