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Average price of Accutane in Canada?

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I'm just curious as to what the average price is for Accutane in Canada.

I have tried searching the net but every Canadian drugstore just says that Accutane is very controlled and they cannot sell it on the internet.

I'm asking because I'm very pessimistic and want to have every option fully explored in-case the need should one day come. My acne isn't that bad right now...but it's slowly getting a bit worse, even with the treatments that I am using (Tetracycline cleared it up quite a bit but it came back right away after stopping).

So...if after a long while it does happen to get worse, and IF my doctor recommends I use accutane (I'm not going to ask for it), I'd like to make sure that I can afford the price before I say yes..

So...for all you Canadians out there, how much did you pay for your accutane?

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Hey Icelight,

I get mine for free because I have amazing benefits. But on the label it tells me how much it would be without a drug plan. For a package of 30 40mg pills it is $130. It's not too bad, actually. I've heard that the exact same prescription in the US is over $300. We're actually pretty lucky in Canada.

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