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6 Days since my final ever laser resurfacing

Well this is my third and last laser treatment, I don't think it's wise to subject my skin to lasers anymore. The swelling has started to go down and its looking like a 15-20% improvement which is around what I expected.

My first 2 treatments I had were CO2 and I had the first 2 years ago and the 2nd a year and a half ago and I've had 5 sets of Isolagen injections since then. This time I had an Erbium YAG laser treatment as its a bit gentler with reduced risks.

My skin is bright pink and it will probably take around 3 months to return to normal, but its no big deal as I'm a veteran at it now.

Anyway apart from updating people on my progress I was wondering if anyone can recommend a derm in the Massachusetts area and maybe tell me how much Isolagen costs in the USA at the moment. I'm thinking of having 3 more sets of injections to help improve my skin texture as it worked so well after my last laser treatments.

The running total of treatment costs is now around 8000UKP or 14000USD and I'm willing to spend another 2000UKP on Isolagen. I'd say that once my skin heals from this resurfacing I'm going to be looking at an 80-90% overall improvement which is great really. I'm still sad that I'll never have eggshell skin again, but I think its soon going to be time for me to move on with my life and get socially and physically active again so I stop obsessing. Nobody is going to notice my scars anymore so I should thank modern medicine and my own hard work in getting the money together to pay for treatment, but also a big thank you to everyone who has given me useful advice and a shoulder to cry on.

Thank you!


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HI. Good luck recovering from your laser surgery. I'm just writing to tell you that, the last time I checked, isologen was not yet FDA approved and therefore not yet available in the US. Sorry


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