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Acne Free just by drinking COFFEE!!! ITS 100 PERCENT TRUE

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Hello you all, let me introduce myself and my experience to you. I am writing this so it may help some people like myself who have been battling with consistent breakouts and acne for so long we could remember!
I will cut the story really short and sweet, because no one really likes a long winded post I guess? Not me definitely haha! 
Ok so, I got my first breakout at the age of 13, the age where teens fall in love, have fun and horrible school times. it was really bad for me as I got oily skin, acne face. People use to call me pizza face 
Over the years, trust me when I said I tried so many products, that has promises on their labels. truth is, screw them it did not WORK for me AT ALL. ALL MY SAVINGS HAS GONE TO WASTE by buying those products and HOPING it work. 
I am quite skeptical due to my experience with products and acne, so I know some people CLEARED their ACNE through medicines OR PRODUCTS. 

but sorry , not me.

So, nothing works for me right? I went to try all kinds of diets, you name it. being patient over nothing as I still see breakouts OMG. it's really demoralizing after so much hopes but no results. I bet you feel it too right?

I know that it may work for me might NOT work for YOU. 
but before you exit my post, please try it as there is no harm.
HOWEVER, you NEED to follow the exact method I USED. 
ALL ALONG, people tell me COFFEE IS BAD FOR HEALTH SO, I avoid it.
search it up yourself and you will believe me. HOLD IT THERE, not any types of coffee will work for you..
I DID MY research on coffee before I started drinking, and for me, I don't react well to SOY/MILK/DIARY/ANY HORMONES RELATED PRODUCTS.

PLEASE KNOW what your body can tolerate, if yours is like mine, you can try it to see that it will work for you! 
But, most acne sufferers have a similar condition, which is .. LIVER.
Our liver is not STRONG enough to remove toxins, clear blood, regulate hormones level.
Hence, the toxins flow into our bloodstream and caused breakouts.


coffee is one of them.
but, not starbucks or any coffee with sugar added, dairy creamer, milk.

it has to be only coffee, it can be instant ones.
I drink the instant one with non dairy creamer.

I have seen results and my face is cleared, everyone around me started looking at me pleasantly unlike last time.

I really hope this will be able to help one of you out there, because it is super annoying to have acne on your face and waking up to see it everyday, I got so sick of it. 

Now I understood how all my coffee friends were clear and could binge on unhealthy foods.

if your liver is not strong to process and remove toxins from the food you ate in a day, no matter if the food is healthy or not it still has some toxins in it, then your skin will never be clear.

you can go on meds and see results and still breaking out, you have to find out the root cause of acne before experimenting it on YOURSELF. 


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Also, coffee can be used as an excellent scrub.

Of course, it is worth remembering that coffee is, first of all, created for the soft removal of obsolete cells of the skin. Do not use coffee to fight acne if you have severe rashes on your face.

  • Take the ground coffee and prepare the drink. Do not pour out the coffee grouts, but save it.

  • Wait until it has dried.

  • Hold your face above steam or just take a warm bath.

  • Apply coffee on your skin and massage it a little.

  • Wash it with pure cool water.


Remember that the prescription is not suitable for the skin with multiple inflamed acne! Massage should be done carefully, so as not to damage the skin. I hope that coffee will help you make your skin more healthy!

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People that have stress or anxiety should not drink coffee, though. Personally, I have anxiety and if I drink a lot of coffee, it only enhances my anxiety, thus, break me out the next day.

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One major factor in acne is low levels of anti-oxidants (which can have a genetic element). Coffee has a lot of anti-oxidants, so if you are severely deficient (through not eating many fruit & veg), this could work.

Overall though caffeine raises stress hormones in the body, amplifying stress/hormone-related acne, so is certainly not for everyone. For example, I can drink one cup of home-brewed black day and maintain clear skin if eating nutritiously, but break out if I go beyond this.
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