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Dermarolling make my scar deeper and created more scar.

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Hi everyone.

Last month i did my 6th session of dermarolling with a 1.5 mm roller, my 5th session was 2 months before. This time, i did about 8 pass per direction (total of 32), used to only do 16 in total before. Is this too aggressive? Because now after a month, i noticed some small new and shallow boxcar appearing out of nowhere and some of scar actually worsen and deepen, the skin around the scar has risen up a bit which make the effect even worse.

After my 6th session, i felt like i am back to square 1, my face look even worse than before i roll. I don't know what i did wrong, up to the 5th session, my skin was improving.

Any idea how to revert back the damage ? Thank in advance.


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Retin A / Tretinorin / Differin nightly. You can do a peel which stimulates collagen. A diet high in collagen or a supplement. 

Some people do cause damage after needling, I have seen this with spontaneous scarring types, those who heel poorly, those who have other issues going on with their health, infection and diease spreading. Some are full of cysts and zits and drive the bacteria deeper or don't actually have acne but a fungal infection.

See a dermatologist.

Take Serrapeptase on a empty stomach ... supplement for scars.

Be aware that it will take some time to heal. Microneedling is supposed to cause this to happen, controlled damage. So give it time.

I have seen rollers cause damage in practice and not dermastamps by the action that they make rolling (needle stays in skin longer - drags), that is another factor. 

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