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Acne tips that have worked for me

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Hi, i have not posted in here for quite a few years and would like to share some things which have helped improve my skin ☺

Firstly, i use the Kalme brand of skincare products, clranser, day (spf 30) and night cream as this is good for reducing Inflammation with mostly natural products, rather than proactive for example which does more harm than good IMO.
Wash with warm water in circular motions, gently, all over pre-cleanser and with the cleanser to break up oil plugs and exfoliate, then rinse with cold before drying and applying the spf or night cream. 

Next i dry my face with paper towels like kitchen towel. Normal fabric towels are breeding grounds for Bacteria and this definitely can affect your skin. 
As well as this try and wash your pillowcases as often as possible, at least once per week for the same Bacteria reasoning. 

Get a water filter and ditch fizzy drinks. Drink plenty of water throughout the day and get some raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar and have 1 or 2 caps with a glass of warm water in the morning /evening. This helps to alkaline your system, reduce Inflammation and break up mucus. 

Exercise regularly and try to eat well, cutting out sugary products where you can but not altogether. 

Get a concealer stick from somewhere like vichy (dermablend) even if you are a guy. I don't like wearing it but it does give you a bit of confidence if required. 

I know a lot of this is pretty standard advice but this is what helps me and it might help others, so i thought i would provide my experience. 

I have had reduced oil production, less noticeable pores/Blackheads, big reduction in Inflammation and rosacea blushes, i feel a lot healthier and my skin is pretty much acne/ (bad) Bacteria free. 

Any questions /comments welcome. 



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