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Should / Can I scrub with this medication?

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Hi this is my first time posting about an acne problem
But maybe someone knows the answer to my question?
p.s. sorry for my english it's not my native language

I got a  treclinac gel prescribed by my doctor with two agencies in it: clindamycine and tretinoine
So this gel is basically from what I understood a roaccutane gel (Yes I already went on roaccutane two years ago)

It should take some time to work and I think it's getting worse (which is normal I suppose?)
But aside from the dryness and peeling when I touch my face it feels really rough.
And when I looked in the mirror I saw dried out exposed small whiteheads dots sticking out everywhere.
I'm attaching a picture (it's not my nose but it looks like that)

It is a good or bad sign? And most importantly should I leave it or scrub, I'm kind of leaving it for now because my skin is kinda sensitive.

Also any advice or experience with this kind of gel is welcome
Thanks in advance x


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