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What to know before you start!! (and want to quit)

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Ive never made a blogpost before, but i thought i really needed to write this down.
Ive used the regimen for 2+ years i think. Ive been struggling with acne for 7 years since i was 10 years old. My acne is really on the surface and not really cystic what makes me 'lucky' i guess. But i do have severe acne, it is literally everywhere. And mostly whiteheads. But the regimen worked great for me for about a year. After that my acne slowly came back. I kept using it because of course i wanted it to work as well as it did. But what i didn't know was that when i decided the regimen really wasn't working anymore and i quit. My acne got from about a 7 on a scale of 1-10 to a 11 on a scale of 1-10. I could never imagine i ruined my face so badly. The years and years of benzoyl had ruined my face. And if i would've known this would happen i would probably not have used it this long. I think it is an amazing product for a temporary solution. But you are ruining your skin/face if you use this for years. It is such a strong product that there is no way it is healthy for you to use this for years. I wish i would've seen that sooner. I now am on accutane because my face got so extremely bad after i quit the regimen. Hopefully that will work for me. I do not want to make you scared of starting or quitting. But if you start i hope you know that this is not a permanent solution. You can't keep putting a heavy cream on your skin twice a day and think your skin will be fine. Also if you decide to quit i would recommend to really do it slowly. Don't go cold turkey but try to slowly get off it. But i hope that if you're someone who starts. Please don't use it for longer then 6 months. Your skin will be thankful and it will safe you so much misery. And i do think Dan is amazing for creating a formula that can give you a break of acne. But in the end for me (and a lot of others ) when you quit it only gets worse. i read a lot of blogs that say the same thing so do your research before starting and if you want to quit!!!

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What I've understanded is that this is very individual (?), however experiences like yours really makes one question the regimen. The regimen truly is a (temporary) cure for acne, but to be honest I'm a bit afraid of the longterm side effects too. Im now on my 6th months into the regimen and I have no problems what so ever.

Thanks for your post and explanation, we need more personal stories like yours in my opinon.

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