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Hey guys. I´m about to turn 15 and I´ve been suffering of "more intense" acne since this past year. I'm currently using benzoyl peroxide, aspirin masks, honey and aloe masks and cleansers and moisturizers obviously. And my diet is super healthy. However, i don´t see major improvement and my psychological issues are getting worse. I’m getting really depressed about my skin because i can’t seem to find a permanent solution. I broke out on my chest too because of using sunscreen.
I’ve got quite a few white heads on my face and i’m trying really hard not to pick.
But i feel like i’m wasting my time feeling the way i feel, but i’m so freaking tired of acne you can’t even imagine. I really want to go out with people but my self esteem is low as hell, even more when it comes to meeting new people and with relationships when it comes to guys. I can't get the idea  that people think my skin is disgusting out of my head, but the truth is the only one that pays so much attention to it is myself. That's why i almost always wear makeup to go outside (i use the vicky derma blend which is for acne prone skin)
The worst thing is that i don’t have anyone to talk about this to. The only person i would have confidence talking to about self esteem issues is my mother, but i feel like she just wouldn’t understand why i make a huge deal out if acne. A person that has never suffered it has no damn idea how it feels to wake up and not looking in the mirror because of the bad it would make you feel. Waking up and having clear skin has to feel so good.
I guess that’s the thing of life. When i got over my social issues i started having body image issues. And when I got over those, i got acne. It’s a continuous cycle of shit (let’s keep it real)
I hope i get better, but it ain’t easy.

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Hey girl, u tidak sendirian ... saya memiliki kondisi yang sama dengan Anda ... setiap 6 bulan saya tinggal di rumah saya ... saya tidak tahu siapa seseorang untuk mengatakan ini serangan mental yang saya punya ... jika Anda ingin berbagi bersama Anda dapat mengirimkan saya pijatan ... mungkin hanya sedikit untuk membantu perasaan ini

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