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What should I do?

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Had a breakout and got one on my face midway between my chin and mouth that has seemed to come back with a vengeance. 

On Saturday it looked like it came to a head as Sudacream had popped out the puss but as I squeezed it I felt another pop and clear liquid appeared. 

It has not shrunken yet and still quite a size. I've put BP on it on Sunday night, dabbed a bit of Vicks today, heat treatment and ice on it but it doesn't appear to budge. 

I've whacked some Sudacream on it hoping it will dry it out. 

Any advice will be appreciated. I've got some Aloe Vera gel and wondered if that would be useful to put on it? I'm planning on putting aspirin mixed with water on it overnight 

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 in my opinion and my experience, aspirin + water,  topically, over night is the only thing which will reduce and heal a cyst.   excessive squeezing or touching can unfortunately make these types of lumps get bigger and stay around for longer (Do some research on aspirin masks Before trying)

imo bp and other creams wont really work because the infection is deep under the skin.  personally  as a rule spots, puss is ok to remove, clear fluid means you've gone too far and need to stop.


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