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New pimples everyday after months clear! Help!

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Hi, I’m new to this forum please excuse my English as I’m not very fluent and so sorry for the lo g post. I came here looking for a solution, I honestly have no idea what is happening or what to do anymore. I’m a 37 year old female with acne prone skin all my life. It’s always ranging from mild - moderate. Whenever it gets any worse than that I would always run to the derm. Last year early July it got really bad that I went to the derm and did all sorts of treatments every week. By mid August my face was clearer than ever and it stayed that way until January! But then by the end of January I noticed a Whitehead on my lip line. The next day another one appeared. The day after that a pimple on my nose, next day forehead, more and more appear every single morning I would wake up to 1-4 new pimples on my face!!! I went to the derm right after the second pimple btw, as I was so scared it might spread, and yet... here they are. I started doing the treatments every week again as I did in July, but none works. I would get a facial / diamond peel and get 4 new pimples at night, and another 2 the next morning. I don’t know if what I’m writing makes sense at all. I even get very emotional writing this I know I probably don’t make any sense.

The Whiteheads on my lip line continue to appear as the pimples on my face keep popping up everywhere! My derm isn’t helping anymore. Please help me!!!

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What kind of treatment did you have?

Just some experience sharing, I've taken roaccutane for more than one year to kill my adult acne (which happened in my 31 with no reason). I've got some redness or small pimples close after the end of treatment but zinc really helps me on that. I'm taking zinc supplement (around 25-35 mg) everyday after meal and I've completely get rid of acne. My skin also improve after taking vitamin C (around 500mg) per day. 

I also heard roaccutane works for people have severse acne problems for a long term. Of cos it's better to consult your dem. 

Taking less dairy also help in my case. I did exercise during the period of treatment. Exercise didn't help my skin but help me to distract from the problems. 

I can understand how it is frustrated to see acne back after treatment. But there're always ways to solve it out. Feel free to share more and let people to help. 

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