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How long does breakout last after clogging pores

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Any help or info would be appreciated. I struggled with acne in my teens but it was cleared with a combo of Ziana and Acanya. I'm 29 now and have been off any medications for almost 2 years with perfectly clear skin. About 5 weeks ago I got a couple small pimples so I bought a new face wash and spot treatment that I rubbed all over my face for a solid week (obviously a bad idea). Both the face wash and spot treatment had sls and Laureth 4 respectively. I have been breaking out pretty bad ever since. Is it possible that this is caused from clogging my pores and if so how long does it take for your pores to purge? 

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Sounds like it was cosmetically triggered via product. Go back to your previous routine and it should subside.

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Thank you for the reply and I hope that's the case. Any idea how long it could last if that's what it is? 

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Well as an example, I was using a face wash with quite a collective of possible pore clogging ingredients. I used it for 2 weeks roughly and broke out just under my eyes.

It took about 2 months for these breakouts to disappear. Unfortunately, the rest of my face began to break out as well.

Hopefully you get cleared again. I'm now going for roaccutane, things just got worse and worse.

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