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Skin colored bumps all over face; itchy & burning

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Me and my battle with small bumps, itchy, and burning skin goes way back. Every once in awhile my old foe makes it's comeback, each time harder than ever. So yes, what you see isn't anything new to me. But it seems my 'old friend' has leveled up yet again :/ I've been going through a weird phase with my skin for the past few winter months. First I had problems with dry spots, then discoloration, and now this. It started off as just a stubborn patch on my forehead that I payed no attention to but is now, as you can see, a f*cking hurricane. Not only is it physically there, my skin also feels irritated & itchy. I've tried using my normal acne products (tea tree oil, Oxy spot treatment) but the effects are kinda meh. I still feel and look the same. I've started taking my allergey pills again in case this is some sort of allergic reaction, but would still like some type of guidance ;-; for some more background on me:

• I had excema in the past, not sure if I have it now
• I don't consume any meat or dairy products (team vegan ;D)
• I used to workout daily but because of winter laziness I haven't done any recently; have been consuming more carbs/sodium than usual T_T
• I have dehydrated, acne-prone skin
• The included pictures is my skin after day 5 (I think) of trying to recover after applying all my night treatments

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