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I think I may have finally fixed my adult acne

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So just a brief bit about myself, I’ve had bad skin since I hit my teenage years however when I got to 20 it turned into full blown cystic acne. At 23 I got oxytetracycline which was working but then fell pregnant and afterward it just wouldn’t work.
ive spent the last 11 years trying so many different things it’s unbelievable. Ive been dairy free, gluten free, done dans regime, Salic acid, salt, other topical treatments, the pill. Things would seem to be working but then a few months down the line I’d be back to square 1. 

The regime always kinda worked but my skin was red, sore and I was still getting spots although not as bad as they used to be. 

Then last August I just couldn’t take it anymore, I cried daily, I stopped everything my face was still a mess. I went back to the Drs and she thought I had folliculitis and gave me 3 months of antibiotics. After a month I was seeing no improvement so reached for the bp but instead of the 2.5% gel I found a old 10% cream in the back of the cupboard. 
I also ended up getting a new oil free moisturiser as my usual one wasn’t in stock. suddenly I started seeing improvements. I haven’t had the antibiotics in 3 months as I never went back to the Drs as I’m convinced it was the Bp working and not the tablets.

my routine is now

morning - clean and clear face wash
olay total effects featherweight moisturiser

night - clean and clear face wash
benzacne 10% cream
 no moisturiser!!

the first pic is in September and the second is today. My skin has never been so soft and clear. It’s less dry than when I moisturised twice a day and I can actually wear make up without it cracking all over my face. I’ve not even been wearing make up though, I can actually leave the house without any and not care. I’ve also been able to eat whatever I want!

so that’s it, at 35 fingers crossed I’ve cracked it! I hope this helps someone else who is giving up hope on ever being clear. 



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