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Skin Pores debris Content

I have tried to ask this question to two different regular dermatologist who have viable practices and contribute content on Youtube.  One just ignored my question and the other one just blew me off. I know that most people here are dealing with skin conditions that can are challenging. I empathize with you all but I had the mildest of acne problems as a youth. Now at 62 I get the occasional bump that shows up one day then disappears without a head. I think it maybe due to lack of water intact, not eating enough fruits and vegetables or a lack of sleep.

Please take me seriously. If this is the wrong place for this type of question then the admin people can move it. I really do not seek out a discussion but maybe a link where I can do my own research. I was hesitant in signing up because I know that the struggles people do go through with acne. Question:  When an open comedo is extracted it can have different shapes? Ex. I have seen blackheads come out as a plug. I have seen them come out as a longer plug and wider surface area. When a pore is extracted sometimes it comes out as a small thin white line or sometimes it comes out so fast something similar to silly string. 

Any help on this type of information would be helpful. 
Thank You in  Advance

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