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Heeelp! I think I have PF

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I been going to different dermatologist for almost a year now. It all started when I began going to the gym. Where I my sweat touch me I used to get rashes. I’m sick of it. It doesnt go away and it itches. I dont know what to do and the derms dont take me seriousy or listen to me. I think is fungus acne. Btw I’m a med student and many teachers consider me a brilliant one but whe  I brought the fungal acne diagnosis to my derm who is also my teacher she quickly dismissed and told me to act like a patient and not a med student. I also have body dysmorphic disorder, supposedly and my derm wont take me seriously. I know a lot of people have it worse than I do, but i cant stand the itching and the fact that’s not getting better only worse





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But your skin aint bad at all,maybe couple small white heads on forehead,not much bar a couple of remnants of old pimple else where.

try cleaning the crap off your face that women usualy apply before work out.then just shower normaly and pat face dry with clean dry towel after work out.

stop touching,scratching and dont pick at your skin or pop,just let your body do what it does best.

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Thank you so much. Yeah i stopped using make up two weeks ago. I’m also taking medication for my body dysmorphia. The thing is, this has become a recurring issue when I use to have near clear skin, a hormonal pimple maybe and not every month. When I was a teen my face when berseker and had to take oral antibiotics for 6 months plus topicals and photodinamic therapy, sorry for the crappy english, not my firts language. 

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