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Do you feel severe adult acne/scars destroyed your potential?

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Hi everybody,
Just wanted to say that  I'm 23, and I honnestly think I won't make it to next year.

The most horrible thing is knowing you had the potential to do great things ....but as you're severely depressed (knowing your face is permanently destroyed) that you have no energy, and all you want to do is waiting to die.

What's killing me is that I have so many dreams and objectives...but I  can't focus on any subject, as I subconsciously think "why do you care? why do you want to make efforts to evolve as a person while, at the end of the day, you'll be miserable anyway"...

I eventually end up giving up every activity I'm involved in, because the depression takes , bit by bit, all your energy away...


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I used to think so a lot. Wanted to end it plenty of times. Just to get it over with.. But no more.
If something or someone wants to kill me it will have to work harder for it. I mean, we die no matter what we do.. I ain't in any hurry, it will happen by itself.

Feels of course like I missed half of my life. But I've learned a lot, changed, met people I never would've otherwise.. I've had full body acne over 15 years now.. bleeding, swollen and in pain all over the whole time. Think I've got every scar on me ever identified on humans.

I've lost half of my hair and beard too, heh.. But some of it has grown back. I hope all of it will eventually..

But acne is almost healed now. It's quite amazing. Stopped eating salt and salted food. Also only plants in diet now. Body changed a lot. I've eaten vegan only diet before too for years but nothing changed until I got rid of salt. Man that stuff kills slowly.

So my advice, stop at least salt and dairy food.. Your body will be grateful.

Not all scars are permanent. That's my belief anyway.. Only some serious disfigurement might be very tough to restore by yourself. Like serious acid burns or something cut off.. But surgeons can do a lot today even with those. For other scars you can do it.

I am now working on the scars, I put tea tree oil on them, it works on some of them so far, just takes a long time and to do it daily. Since I have almost half body to cover I do it piece by piece. Juice and water fasting seems even better for it if they're long fasts. But it can be hard to do them of course.

Listen to Robert Morse, John Rose, Dr. Alan Goldhamer on youtube.. you can learn a lot from them.

If you want to find some meaning to go on, listen to Sadhguru, Mooji or read words from Jiddu Krishnamurti. You can find them on youtube as well :) 

But nothing on this mudball can make you happy as much as you can make yourself happy. I mean that emotionally or psychologically whichever you prefer.. So emotionally you're already set to go, just need to be aware of it..

Physically of course we need clean air, food , water, shelter, clothes to survive.. Don't rush for things to end, it will come on it's own when it's time, for all of us.


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