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im fifteen years old and i hate my acne. its only mild acne for me, but every single damn week new breakouts appear and i cant handle it anymore. im on the verge of breaking down and whenever i try and confront my mom about it she just ignores the fact and tells me that its ‘just a phase’. well, this phase is literally affecting my every day life and self esteem. i cant do anything anymore. i lost all motivation and i HATE how my happiness has to depend on the quality of my skin. i’ve tried everything. from face care routines to those face masks that are suppose to be beneficial for your skin but nothing is working. i dont plan on doing proactiv anytime soon because my friend said that it’ll make my skin oily, dry, and even cause more acne. ive become depressed and cant get out of bed anymore. i was always a morning bird, waking up at seven in the morning, but now it seems like ive just gave up trying on life. 

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I understand how you feel. I'm 34 and still have mild acne that greatly affects my personality. I have depression because of it and it affects my self esteem and even my ability to do my job. Have you seen simpleskincarescience.com? It provides really useful information that can probably help you. 

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Think positive, stay busy, and pray. Do everything else in your power that you KNOW will help. Drink lots of water, eat healthy and keep a food journal. Exercise and sweat as much as possible. Acne is very mental. Repeat positive thinks out loud that are true. "These will go away" "no one cares" "its nothing" "its really not that bad". Dont give up!!

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