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Acupuncture allergy test

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So today I was reading up on the reviews of supplementing 50Mg of zinc so I decided I would visit the health shop to buy some after trying a million other supplements. here is some brief history/background info: I started to get acne at 17 years old very suddenly even though I never had any issues through puberty. It started around my chin and cheeks I had whiteheads all over my cheeks and red spots. Once I hit 18 I decided enough is enough and went to the doctors I was prescribed minocyline and duac gel. After around 2 months I was completely clear but was convinced duac was the main component so I stopped the mino and kept up with using Duac for around 18 months maintaining clear skin. I’m now 20 and duac has stopped working completely and acne as come back yet again. It always seems to happen in the winter for me. Around the age of 19 I noticed I was starting to lose my hair around the crown of my head and I am now suffering with Male pattern baldness as well as acne. This is where my obsession for diet/lifestyle has started as it is very clear for men that MPB and acne share a few common interests. MPB is caused by the hormone DHT which attaches to susceptible follicles on top of the head which thins the follicle eventually killing it over time. Not all men have sensitive follicles hence the reason not all men lose their hair. Now I have been hitting the gym for the last few months and have gained a lot of muscle by doing so. It is very clear my DHT levels are very high hence the reason I’m losing hair so young (20 nearly 21) I have also seen a correlation that DHT can cause the sebaciois glands to overproduce causing me to have very oily skin contributing to acne. Now I know this isn’t the sole cause of my acne as it doesn’t account for the inflammation. Gut health, hormonal balance everything is all linked. 
ANYWAY, whilst I was in the shop the lady suggest I take an acupuncture allergy test. I agreed and it was a strange experience. I held a metal bar whilst she used this pin on different parts of my hands and feet which sent electric shock and came back with some kind of readings. If the reading was between 50-60 this meant the organ was functioning well or that there was no allergy here are my results over 60 (everything else was healthy) :
-nervous 81
-allergy 71
-liver 76
-gall bladder 70
-Kidney 80
-Fat digestion 80

The allergy test concluded:
-Whey allergy
-all goat products
-all cow products
(-But not lactose)
-White flour 
-Wholewheat flour.

I have already cut these things out over the last few weeks and so far I haven’t seen any improvement in my acne. She said it could take longer to get it out my system. I’m not sure if anyone can verify just how valid this way of allergy testing is....?

I am now taking zinc, adrenal gland booster, Tongkat ali for the gym, cod liver oil, a few other supplements and continuing with my paleo diet. I hope my acne will be cured by doing this the strange thing is my candida levels she said were okay.

any reccomendations as to whether simply cutting these things out will they cure me or are my hormones too imbalanced... will cutting these out and dieting right fix my hormones.

thanks for your time guys :)





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Personally, I am very wary of these type of tests.  I think that saliva and to a lesser extent, blood test may be more useful.  It can take 3 months to begin seeing changes where diet is concern.  Don't get discouraged.  Paleo is a good start.

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