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Rough, bumpy skin under foundation?!

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Hi! I’ve been having this issue for quite some time now and can’t figure out a solution! Any suggestions would be helpful(:

i LOVE wearing makeup, but I always get this scaly, rough, bumpy patch on either side of my nose (I’ve inserted a picture). Without foundation, my skin doesn’t look or feel rough or bumpy in that area. Does anyone know what this is/ how to solve this problem? Not sure if it’s more a skin issue or a makeup issue? I’ve tried SO MANY foundations and primers but I get the same result! 


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I’m assuming you’re already using or tried a beauty blender? If so you probably need some kind of exfoliant. I used AHA from Paula’s choice that works beatutifully for this problem and other issues with my skin. There’s a section on their website that will explain if AHA or BHA is better exfoliant for you skin. It’ll take some trial an error depending on what part of the world you’re at and how much to use and when to use it. Best of luck! 

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It's not just you. Foundation is great for hiding redness and discoloration, but unfortunately almost all of them tend to highlight the appearance of texture and bumps. The more matte and full-coverage the foundation, the more this is true. I'm slightly obsessed with beauty products and even my favorite foundations and BB creams do this to some extent. I would recommend spot-concealing obvious spots and using as thin an application as possible everywhere else.
Of course the smoother you can get your skin, the less this will be an issue. But obviously it's easier said than done. As the previous poster said, exfoliants can help, just be careful to start out with gentle products so as not to irritate your skin. You probably already know all this, but be sure your skin is sufficiently moisturized as well and avoid any comedogenic products (according to the ingredients, not the claim). 

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You have the same type of acne I have. The only thing that helps at all is getting my pores clearer and the only thing that gets the little plugs out at all has been soaking a microfiber washcloth in as hot of water as I can stand and getting my face warm with it then gently massaging the areas that are clogged. Be sure to keep the washcloth and your skin as warm as possible at all times because that melts the crap thats plugged in your pores. Also, Biore pore strips work, but only if you get your face good and hot first with the hot water. It's to expensive to use those daily though. They are more of an occasional thing. I have found Tarte Shape Tape concealer to be the smoothest and most natural looking for our type of skin. 

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