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Hi FinallyCured, 

I'm 23 and have been living/loving/consuming gluten my whole life. I have also had acne since puberty. I've tried almost everything when it comes to acne treatment, even some of the pricier options. A few years ago, I finally found an amazing dermatologist who diagnosed me with hormonal acne. I started taking spironolactone, B12, iron, and zinc--I was also diagnosed with a type of anemia. Things were getting better, but my skin was still not completely clear. 

Last spring, my mom made me do one of those DNA tests through her holistic care center. The test revealed genetic markers for a wheat allergy and for Celiacs disease. After a procedure at a gastroenterologist, I was officially diagnosed with Celiacs. I have been gluten free for around ten months, and it has completely changed my skin. First, I'm not anemic anymore! Isn't that crazy? Second, my skin is so clear! I have maybe had three separate pimples since going gluten free. Although I still have some pretty bad PIH, my skin has never looked so good. 

So anyways, if you have the money, go to an allergist or get your DNA tested! Even if it's not celiacs or a gluten sensitivity, there may be another type of food aggravating the skin. 

If you don't have the money, try taking things out of your diet for a few months. If you know your blood type, consider looking into the blood type diet. Supposedly, certain blood type people are more likely to develop allergies to certain foods. For example, I have 0- blood. It's very common for 0 blood types to be allergic to wheat and dairy--like me!. 

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