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I've had acne since I was about 13, and it wasn't atall as bad as it has been recently. I'd get the odd spot here and there, which although doesn't sound unusual, I was the first in my class to get them.

My high school years were not bad, but not good. I wasn't picked on, but people would call me names because of my spots. I never treated it that seriously and always laughed it off. I left my high school in the summer of last year - applying for a 6th form college. Between the time at my high school and college, I got myself a job at a department store. All I can say is that this had to be the best thing I did. Not only did I get to socialise with people of all different ages, but it also helped me become more mature and confident.

In September, when I started college, I was really nervous of what people would think of me. But they were fine. Luckily I had friends who I already knew in all my classes, so the difficulty of meeting new friends wasn't a problem. People were really alright about it and they wouldn't think about my face atall.

Today I am still at the same college and doing the same job. I have almost finished my college years, and will be going to uni next year. I am now a supervisor in the place I work - and a lot of the new people who have just joined the place think I am a lot older than I am.


Reading this back now, I'm wondering whether this is a good idea to post this. I don't wanna rub this in people's faces, but I want people to realise that everyone can succeed, whatever their acne is like. I do understand why people who don't go out do that, I have been there. But it really is the best thing you can do - go out and meet new people. This is the only way your gonna improve your confidence in life. Most importantly, make sure you've got a great set of close friends around you - I have and they really are the best bunch of friends anyone could ask for. Not just friends from college, but work colleagues aswell - they are all so supportive and kind and respect me as a person and not as a spotty teenager which I feared.

I really do hope you all work out and finally overcome this horrible thing which we've all got. Remember to fight it as best as you can; both medically and psychologically.

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i guess so, but how bad was yout face? I guess different and react to different circumstances. Its great that you overcame it. But for poeple like me, its just 7 years (and counting) of too much of struggle.

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An older colleague was telling me this morning that a pretty face is the most important thing for a woman.

(of course, that includes good skin I assume).

I was really furious by the way.

Women can't succeed if they don't look good huh. evil.gif

glad you've found your light. eusa_drool.gif

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