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My HUGE skin grits/subaceous filaments

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This is all grit/grime that accumulated over the past 29 years I have recently extracted mostly from beneath my lower right eyelid, and some from a clogged pore on my eyebrow. I extracted all this manually with fingernails/tweezers, pulling it out of my pores little by little, much like pulling tissue from a tissue box, with a VERY small opening. I know this isn't the best thing for my skin, but neither is having years of accumulated debris clogging the pores around my eye. I noticed I had a stye on my eyelid that never went away, so after some gentle scraping and pinching, I realized I had a ton of stuff lodged deep in there. My girlfriend thinks I'm absolutely nuts, picking at skin and scabs, which I assure you is NOT what these are. They are compact skin plugs, and I actually took these pics to show her that I'm getting a bunch of crap out of there, whereas she thinks I'm imagining stuff. Proof positive skin grits are real.

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