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Ive had ups and downs with inflammatory acne for years now. It's been incredibly bad before and right now its slight/moderate. I've realized that most inflammatory pimples that ive gotten, started out as closed comedones. However, I can't figure out how to get rid of these closed comedones. If I squeeze them, it's always a 50/50 chance that the squeezing will either empty the pore/clear it up, or it will aggravate it and cause an inflamed pimple.
I'm wondering what types of products I can use to help prevent these comedones. I have normal-dry skin. Most exfoliants dry out my skin too much, but the mild ones I've tried have done nothing. I've experimented and switched in and out countless different products over the course of my life , yet they are always appearing on my face so I don't think it's a specific product that's causing them.
I've read that AHAs or BHAs may help but I'm unsure of the difference between the two?

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What has helped for me was a glycolic scrub once every week ( if u have sensitive skin) or 2-3 days. I found this blog to be very useful https://myacnejourney362066741.wordpress.com/ I substituted alot of the products I couldn't find with similiar products. her routine is a but harsh cause her skin isn't sensitive or dry so I recommend using less exfoliants. I have mostly been using AHAs and they have been working really well for me. After a few weeks my skin is completely smooth. 

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