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aloe vera plant causing breakout? help?

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so last night i decided to apply aloe vera (the plant) onto my face overnight as i have read that it is very beneficial to acne and scaring and reduces inflammation. when i woke up though, i had a new pimple but i thought nothing of it, it was only one in a common area where i break out. as i went on with my day, my face got oiler than usual. (and yes i did wash my face and moisturized when i woke up). by the end of the day, i had so many new pimples, even in areas in which i don’t break out. i even have one in the bags of my eyes. i didn’t even know i could get pimples there. is the aloe vera really causing a breakout ? or is it something else ? i haven’t done any other change to my routine. can the plant really break you out?

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44 minutes ago, random1 said:

ok first what vehicle of aloe vera did you use? (what were the ingredients) 

i used the one from the plant. isn’t that just pure aloe vera on its own?
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Definitely happened to me. I guess we are just the handful of people that are allergic to aloe even if it's from the plant. When I applied a small amount my face felt hot and then started to burn and itch. Next day I had new breakouts. 

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This happened to me too a few years ago, I used directly from the plant on a massive breakout, and the area became more irritated and inflamed. The raw natural form is too potent for direct use, especially on an already severe skin condition like acne. It's fine to use if it diluted in other ingredients. 
Try raw natural papaya right from the fruit! It worked miracles for me ^_^

Here are a couple links, but there's tons more info about the positive effects of papaya on acne
Good luck  xx



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