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my acne will not go away no matter what i do and it makes me want to cry. everyday i see a new pimple pop up and i honestly just start to cry cause it has taken such a toll on my confidence. i use to have clear skin a couple of months ago and now no matter what i do my acne simply will not go away. 

i have tried so many f***ing things and nothing works. i’ve changed my face wash about 10 times and now i am just back to my routine that first cleared my skin, ABS and jojoba oil.
i have tried going on a healthy diet. I did it for a while and it didn’t do anything for my acne, i was still suffering from breakouts so i found no point and stopped.
at the moment i am taking vitamin D. i am on the 4th day and i have seen no improvement. i am not sure how long it is supposed to be until i do but it seems like everything i do doesn’t have any type of improvement.

i am tired of living like this. i remember the days i would live my life with no worries cause. would just have clear skin with a simple routine. i am so tired. and i feel so hopeless.

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My story is so similar to yours. I need someone to continue trying new things because I am feeling like giving this shit up because I've tried everyting. Can we please stand together? I can't do this alone. Just tell eachother the things we're trying en giving eachother hope. Tonight I am desperately starting Epiduo. Derm appointment on the 8th of january because earlier wasn't possible. Should we just try accutane? I don't know anymore

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On 29/11/2017 at 8:32 PM, ailaeshiz said:

What have you tried so far?

Sorry for such a late reply i just saw this! I have tried so many different face washes from charcoal based ones to other african black soaps to all the name brand ones at the store. As for moisturizer i have tried different oils but they all break me out except jojoba. I have tried ponds but i don’t like the feeling of a cream moisturizer on my face plus it broke me out. I have tried witch hazel and rose water which also broke me out. I have treat the indian healing clay which broke me out and yes i did use it for a while. i have tried vitamin d and i think it’s making things worse. i have jawline and chin acne that i never had before. i tried aloe vera (the plant) and ACV. i haven’t tried anything with benzoyl peroxide or stuff like that cause those stuff make things worse, i know by experience.
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I started trying to seriously cure my acne in summer of 2016 and tried thousands of $$$ worth and close to a hundred different treatments.. Some over-the-counter, some RX, some holistic.. Finally cured mine by figuring out the cause of my acne was demodex

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