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Help!! My red marks wont go away!!

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This past summer I had finally cleared up my acne!! However I was left with these red marks on my cheeks for months now and can’t seem to get rid of them. I have tried so many products like vitamin C serums and getting chemical peels and nothing has worked! I have been using .1% tretinoin cream for the past 6 months and wear sunscreen everyday and haven’t seen much fading in my dark marks. Anyone have any tips??!! I’m so insecure about my skin and makeup can’t even cover it. 







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ive read some creams like benzoyl peroxide can prolong red marks/post acne.

im not familiar with .1% tretinoin cream. is that something your doctor gave you? a google search says its for the treatment of acne but one possible side effect is skin irritation / redness (which i guess is quite common with acne medicines)

in my option, active acne and post acne marks/red marks and scars , should be treated differently.  - this was something i learnt the hard way.. as i didnt even know anything on post acne marks when growing up.

firstly check your medicine leaflet which came with the .1% tretinoin to check side effects.

- if issued by your doctor, have a talk with them to see if stopping treatment would benefit your skin in healing .

and lastly do some reaserch on post acne marks and what you need to do to treat it. (exfoliation etc)


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