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Details of my victory

Ok so I'm sort of in a euphoric state right now so I'm sorry if I leave some of the details out. I've read a ton of questions on this board considering Accutane and side effects and how often it works etc. etc. I considered myself a worst case scenario. I got really bad cystic acne on my face and cheeks when I was 12 got teased about it and all that fun stuff which made it get 100x worse. I went on every single topical out there.. if you think I'm kidding fire away. Retin-A(twice) Tazoraz(3 times) Differin(twice) BP and BP / other anti-biotic topical combination (cant remember what it was called) many others I can't even recall due to the fact they didnt work. I've always been on every oral medication I've heard of as well. EVERY cycline antibiotic ever introduced (tetra mono tri etc.) As well as B5. I tried the regimine and every BP product out there. I altered my diet went off milk and lots of carbs for months. None of the above did ANYTHING. I was however clear for 5-6 months during my freshmen year of high school. I had perfect skin except for some scarring on my forehead. But girls would go your a hottie and my self esteen was incredibaly high. Then of course Acne had to rain on my parade. I got it back moderately bad I was really depressed. Junoir year it got bad. So the derma FINALY put me on Accutane which I thought to myself "its finaly going to be gone once and for all!!" so I took Accutane for 4 months. It cleared me up 90% and then i stopped the treatment after the 4 months. Literaly a week and a half later I broke out worse then I ever have in my life. The dermatologist was dumbfounded. He called every one of his colleagues he did research and no one could figure out why I had such a horrible relapse. At this point I had no self esteen period. I had so little that I didn't really care anymore I was completely self concious but not at the same time it was kinda weird. Anyways 3 months later it had just gotten worse and worse and my derma. put me on a 2nd cycle of Accutane. I'm now 100% clear and I've only been on my 2nd cycle for a little less then 2 weeks. Today some girls I've never seen came up to me and started talking and told me I was cute and yada yada and thats when it finaly hit me that this was my acnes last stand. I know I shouldn't be so certain this is it especialy considering my history but even when I was clear during freshmen year my skin didnt look this good. The moral of this story: Hang in there. When you feel like you have tried everything and nothing has worked just keep trying. There are always new treatments comming out. Ok I'm done ranting =P

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Thankyou for writing this. Its givin me lots of hope as I'm going on accutane tommrow!!!

I've decided that I'm done with acne. I know that I wont let it beat me. Its over.

good luck!!

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