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I am from Malaysia and im suffering acne since 16 ,now my age is 21 and still suffering ..I have met 3 dermatologist and took antibiotic for my acne in 6 months time of duration.They promise me I will have clear skin and yes i had it !! But it was not permanent .In a month time my acne became so worse .I have try plenty of home remedy.I have try all of them u name it ! Day by day im getting weaker.My classmates in universities are laughing towards me .Some of them would never talk to me because of my disgusting face.I feel so down .My family told its just hormon but they wont understand my pain as im suffering cysctic acne .It is very painful and red on my face.Im drinking carrot juice everyday and stop all non vege food .Im eating spinach everyday but i look disgusting .My face are so glow with acne .I control all type of food but yet my acne came.I really need help .I pray to god that within 3 months my acne must gone if not suicide will be my only choice .I can't live in this world when everyone is avoiding from me 

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You said your acne is hormonal. Have you tried checking your hormonal levels? After you check this and see exactly where is the problem (usually acne is caused by high androgen levels- testosterone and DHT) you can consult with a endocrinologist to give you something ( like spironolactone or  birth control pills). If u don t want to go down this pill road u can try the natural supplement that help your hormones depending on the issue (like vitex, DIM, berberine). The fact that u changed your diet is very good both for your skin and hormones and the results of such change are not imediat, u need some months to see them. I hope you are avoiding all sugars and dairy as well. I wish you health and please don t even think about setting a deadline  or anything that u said. Things will get better. Never stop fighting, there are worst diseases on this planet. We will kick acne's but! 

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Oh wow, never think of that. You've come to the right place where you can vent your struggles and pain or just simply share how your day went. We're all here to listen and no one will judge you here.

I'm just thinking if the meds prescribed by your docs worked for you, why not try them again? I mean if that's the only thing that worked for you, maybe you can stick to it.

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