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Addicted to picking and popping

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I swaer to gosh, im addicted to popping my pimples. I read everywhere that picking your pimple is not good, but its so hard to resist the urge to when the head is all white and looks ready to pop. For some unknown temptation, i fuck myself over by popping my zits, squeezing my pores or worst of all, i bought extracting tools recently. The exracting tool seem to work okay up until this past weekend, 3 days ago, i extracted a raised bump that was left after a pimple had healed. I thought that since the pimple was gone, but still a bump remained, there must be some pus left. So i cleaned the area with alcohol and extracted at about 15 diff spots. The particular one im talking about, had white pus, more like a pore, come out, but left a big nasty red scar that has persisted for days. It didnt turn to a pimple again, but its all red. Like a red mark in the shape of the extrator. When i went back over it with hydrogen peeoxide, it fizzed up, so i think i infected it..

All in all, i think i need to throw those extracting tools away and just never used it again, cus now, that spot is sooooo red, it takes me so long to cover it up with makeup. 

has anyone actually benefited from extractions?? Like in their life?  My aunt got her pimple extracted by an facialist on numerous occasions but she has no more acne. I guess that is what i was going for. Now i have a scar there, hopefully it goes away by next weekend.. 

guess everyone is different. Let me know how you guys avoid picking and popping and squeezing. 


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This my sound harsh but what I do is that if I have any marks I will just look at them. This will strongly discourage me from popping them. If I really can't resist the urge to pick and if they are white I will try to scrape it off with my nail preferebly just after I have washed my face.

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