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Finding the root

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I am trying to figure out what caused me to develop a cystic pimple from a couple of months ago and wanted to know  if anyone knows the time-frame it would take for a cystic pimple to develop after consuming the trigger. 

Here is the quick story.
I went out one night binge drinking for the first time in months. At the time, my skin was relatively good in the sense that I hadn't had any cystic acne, just minor ones that would go away. However this night I consumed a lot of alcohol (5 hard ciders, mixed drink, jager bomb). Obviously a ton of sugar and harmful substances. Also in the polluted bar/city environment + getting sweaty and not showering before bed and little sleep the next day. 

About two days later, I developed a cystic pimple on my neck. Luckily, this placement isn't the worst and it went away relatively quickly and left only a small mark that I can cover up with facial hair. However two weeks later, I got a cystic pimple on my temple, about the size of a dime. Now two months later, the mark is still there and has destroyed me.

My question is would this night be to blame for this  even-though it developed two-weeks after the night? Or would something closer to the day be the cause. Really depresses me that I can't do anything fun without worrying about acne. 

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20 hours ago, genry2 said:

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