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Clusters of 3/4 whiteheads/pimples around each corner of mouth

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I'm 28 (female) and for the last year have had flare ups of these itchy/sore red spots around the corners of my mouth, and sometimes spreading to my chin/jaw areas. They come and go throughout the year and I have no idea what's causing them! My doctor originally thought hormones but changed his mind when he saw that I already take the contraceptive meant to help hormonal acne. Also I probably get the flare up once every 2 months, and they last up to 3-4 weeks. My skin has always been sensitive, I was using witch hazel and a P45 emollient facewash but this seem to be making it worse, now only use mild soapy water every day (and body wash in the shower) but still getting the flare ups. I have a fairly normal/healthy diet of fruit n veg, I do eat meat and dairy too. I now live in the Canary islands so its not helping to have to wear sun cream every day. Anyone have any ideas on how I can sort it? I'm about to change my toothpaste since I've read this might help. I've attached a pic of how it looks right now, this is day 7 since they started appearing again, as you can see the rest of my face is pretty much clear. Thanks in advance :) 


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Anti biotics first,dont go throwing money and products at your face.

moisturise with something thats good for your skin snd dont break you out or make you go red.

get your dr and get a course of anti biotics and see what it dies for you.lymecycline just one to mention,flucloxacillin is strong penecillin based,try to get something that wont make bacteria resistant,something like lymecycline.

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I was on Lymecycline but now I've moved abroad I'm not sure I can afford it here. And it seemed he prescribed it out of confusion more than anything! It didn't seem to make any change to my skin after a few months. Also, like I said, I'm not throwing any money at my skin, just warm soapy water every day, I can't really use any crazy alcohols or perfume. Just looking for the cause more than a solution :) 

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