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Life after acne/fear of acne returning

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I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced what I have after they have finally became acne clear? 
I used to have pretty severe acne on my face but after a few rounds of accutane I have been acne free for a few years now although left with some scarring on my cheeks, however I still get periods where I get this overwhelming fear and anxiety of my acne returning. This is worst in the morning when I wake up and I have that anxiety feeling in my stomach and I have this fear of looking in the mirror and seeing a new cyst as this was my life for so many years. I can't believe it when I look in the mirror and I'm actually clear but then I spend the day constantly thinking about it and checking mirrors just to make sure.

i think it stems from my acne returning after my first two rounds of accutane (although never as severe). Now whenever I do get a spot or the very odd small cyst I go into complete meltdown mode thinking the full acne is going to return and thinking I have caused this by being constantly anxious about it. When I had the severe acne it was the worst period of my life and I feel it has caused me developing this acne phobia or some sort of mild PTSD if that makes sense? 

Just wanting to to hear other people's post acne stories and wonder if anyone has had similar experiences to me!

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Are acne sufferers ever free of acne?

if it comes back,it never went!

gard to answer question realy,just when you think its gone another spot appears.

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