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jojoba oil purge? why

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I've finally gotten my acne under control now at 30yrs. But I've always been on the search for a good moisturizer that works and have never been completely happy. Either it moisturizes but breaks me out, or doesn't break me out but doesn't moisturize enough, or moisturizes but is too greasy- it's never ending. I tend to end up with a moisturizer that doesn't break me out, but is greasy, because I can always fix it and blot my face- breakouts are much harder to fix! And continue my hunt for the best moisturizer for me. I found a DIY website for acne stuff and thought I'd give a try (for moisturizer only- otherwise the rest is the regimen cleanser, treatment, and AHA). For the last 8 months I've been mixing aloe, glycerin, and argan oil to create a moisturizer. It moisturizes amazingly well for me, but after a few hours I look really greasy. But my skin has been overall very clear so I've stuck with it these months. A few weeks ago I decided to switch out the argan for the jojoba oil (I got when I first ordered the regimen but it broke me out initially so I hadn't touched it since). I was hoping it would make me less greasy because it's been said that it tricks the skin into producing less oil. Over the last few weeks I've been breaking out badly and they aren't the simple little whiteheads, they are bigger red ones and over the last 3 days I've felt 3 deeper ones coming- like cyst ones. So... is this the purge? Why would I have a purge when I've been clear for all these months? I'm wondering how long I should keep at this, if it's a purge and will be over soon I'll hang on, but what if this is my face saying this is bad and will keep getting bad?

****update- 10/8/17. After the post I stopped using the jojoba oil and went back to the argan oil. face fixed and back to normal. Thank god. Apparently jojoba oil is not for me

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