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Hi everyone , I am new to the forum. I had bought 10%Benzoyl Peroxide and Retin A Gel. How should I use this 2 products throughout the day ? Any people with experience with these 2 products ? Thanks alot

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The "regimen" states that you should try 2.5% bp instead of 10%. I am new here too, so I have to go get the 2.5%. Apparently the 10% is only more irritating, it doesn't work better, they say.

The retin-a... wash your face, wait about 15 minutes so it is thouroughly dry. If you put it on moist skin, then it irritates more...It just does, no clue why! My dermatologist says so, that's why! I just do what he says.

A little goes a looooong way, so use like a pea-size spot and pat it onto your skin, then gently spread it over and let it absorb. If you rub too much, it will just blob up (as gels can do) and irritate more. Just be gentle and use that sparingly, especially at first. You will likely start peeling from the retin-a, which is normal. For me, that went away in a few days along with some redness.

The bp, just use it like it says on the regimen. I have just started today, so I'm not much help there.I always just blobbed it on! Apparently you "should use a generous amount (it shows you how much a generous amount is in the directions) and spread it all over your dry face, let it absorb. But they are talking the 2.5%, not 10%.

I would use only retin-a for now and leave the bp alone for a week or so until your skin is used to the one one thing before you start another.

Read on the page about the regimen they use here, that Dan uses, and it shows and tells you exactly how to do everything, exactly. People who follow it exactly seem to be having good results on the most part. I hope I do, too!

Retin-a has started working pretty well for me. Hope it does for you, too!

Hope that helps some!

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I was on Differin quite some time ago. The derm said to alternate with it and use Differin at night and BP during the day. But like I said, that was a while back. I'm using Dan's Regimin right now and currently acne free (on my face) - though I still get some on my back from time to time. Not sure if Retin A uses the same procedure, but the doc should know. smile.gif

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