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Hi everyone, I have struggled with acne for 4+ years now, and it is starting to take a toll on me emotionally. Typically I wouldn't care about my acne or what others think of it, but now that I am starting high school, I for some reason think that whenever I'm in public, that's all people think of when they see me, is my acne. My face is always broken out, always red, and sometimes I look in the mirror at my face and just cry. I try to cover it up with makeup, but it never really works. Does anyone have any tips for dealing with self-confidence and acne?? Thanks in advance.

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I went through that from 6th to 12th grade. Nowdays there are youtube videos on how to deal with things like this or testimonies from other ppl, try to watch one everyday so you internalize them.

I used to read these forums because back then there wasn't much on youtube of that sort and it was annoying ppl telling me to clean my face and not eat junk food.

Basically anything you can draw inspiration from like a tv series or books, can also help you.

About being out in public with acne when you talk it helps draw attention away from the acne. So that is one way, you can also try to focus on your breathing so your mind goes blank and you get in the present moment not in inside your head.

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