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Hey eveyone! Im in my teens and have your typical hormonal acne :( I've been using acne.org after using cylindamycin and tretinon from my derm for two years and it was successful for a while but after this school year it stopped working for some reason.and i was getting more acne than ever that created scars and PIE scars.

I started using acne.org for almost 2 months and my skin was getting better but was incredibly flaky so i started using aha which helped a little my skin has been getting random breakouts all of a sudden though but for no reason which is causing more PIE scars :smileys_n_people_59: after seeing this i started using their jojoba oil because there was so much dry skin build up, Did any of you guys experience this? Thanks - Brooke^_^
 BTW my skin IS SUPER CRAZY FLAKY AND THEIR IS SO MUCH DEAD SKIN BUILDUPPPP I Have been using aha a few times but my skin is still so flaky I want to exfoliate it but I know acne.org doesnt allow  it but I feel like I need it.

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Hi Brooke, 

The Acne.org Regimen products are clinically proven and they will work to clear your acne. Make sure of two things:

1. You are using only Acne.org Regimen products on your face and nothing else.

2. You are using the Acne.org Regimen products exactly as directed. 

If you do both 1 and 2 you will have completely clear, radiant healthy looking skin. Guaranteed.

Many people are making common mistakes. Take this questionnaire to be sure you're on track just right:


Also keep in mind that many people take 3-4 months to get clear. We have received literally hundreds of success stories over the years from people who have said they are so glad they stuck it. Stay patient and you will clear up.

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