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How I Cleared My Severe Acne Within A Month - With Pictures


My name is Nathaniel. I am currently 15 years old and close to 16 and i have lived with acne for 3 years that CONSTANTLY got worse, this is my story of acne and my cure of it.

Since i was 13 my acne snowballed into a worse and worse scenario, it started just fine not bad a here and there pimple to inflamed skin and more keratization and closed comedones everywhere, until i had closed comedones covering every pore across my face and zits that multiplied and sprawled out onto my face. Basically every pore was clogged, no pores were visible, my face was noticeable very bad, friends got worried.

Over freshman year in highschool i dealt with insecurities because my acne was around a mild to moderate with inflammation on my nose and forehead, i was very read from inflammation under my skin but not a ton of acne. Bumps everywhere but mainly my skin was very red.

Over the summer and sophomore year i experienced something i never thought i would. When i looked close up, every pore on my face was clogged, there wasn't a single centimeter that didn't have acne on it besides my lip which i had never had any acne on. But the acne i had was very comedonal, it was all closed comedones and small bumps EVERYWHERE. 
I dealt with bad depression and i became obsessed with researching the nature and what was causing my skin to have acne, all the meanwhile my acne worsened and I started to get pimples with the closed comedones. People started to make fun of me and i started to feel like giving up. 
I have tried the caveman regimen, i have tried tons of face washes, i have tried a TON of things and by the way i have been vegan and eat extremely healthy. But NOTHING could cure my acne at all. Until i learned about what was causing it. Hormones.
(the pictures above were not near as bad as it was in person)

Acne was always something i recognized as hormonal. As i aged, my voice deepened, my height increased, my muscles grew, the side effect and why kids don't have acne is all to do with the fact, acne is for the majority caused by DiHydroTestosterone. By product of testosterone, its something that is present in all people of all ages in a multitude of levels, sensitivity to this hormone CAUSES acne. This is where acne is merely CONCEIVED. Here is my favorite study of acne caused by DHT. 
The study shows DHT increases sebum production and as well DHT is known to alter the cycle of dead skin cell turnover and shedding, DHT may interrupt the natural process of cleaning skin and preventing blemishes, Altogether causing acne. Dermatologist Dr. Alex Khadavi basically found profound evidence of the role of DHT and created a system to prevent it, Clearogen. Its... OKAY its not the most fantastic DHT blocker but i would rate it a 6-7 in terms of potency and effectiveness. 

I then started to apply MASKS of spices onto my face. I would go to the store and buy Rosemary Thyme Basil and Oregano , and Green Tea. which i had researched and have proof of being strong topical dht blockers, and i applied them onto my face. Over time and the course of 1 month i watched my life's biggest problem disappear and all of my acne leave. I would put a tablespoon of Rosemary and Thyme and then a tablespoon of Basil and Oregano into a saucer and put some water in it just to get it somewhat wet, then microwave it for 20-40 seconds and then put it on as a mask that lasted around 4 minutes before falling off. Instantly after my skin feels so much softer and glowed more than ever and my acne wouldn't appear anymore. Then i would occasionally put about a quarter of a tea bag of green tea into a bowl and get it wet and microwave it until soft and put it on my face until it dried and fell off.

How acne was cleared by herbal masks twice a day was simply because Rosemary, Green Tea, Thyme, Basil, Oregano, and MANY others are potent DHT blockers topically, meaning leaving them on with water allows a soaking of the components of each herb onto the skins surface and leaches chemicals from the herb into the pore blocking DHT. All of these links show 


Over the course of the summer, today is July 13th i have cleared my acne to 100% clarity without growing out of my acne. I still cleanse, i still rinse my face and avoid touching, i just use herbal masks twice a day. Heres a gross picture of my face :)

Thankyou all for reading, i hope this post may help you 

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thank you so much for this post. I am about to try. Was it fresh herbs? Already dried herbs? Biological herbs or whatever? Thanks a lot :)

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