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So recently I was dealing with medium breakout, not so much acne but also not too little. Mainly the acnes were on the center of my face. And as a human being, I popped some of them, the worst decision ever, that I probably will do again (lol). I used this acne cream that could dry out the acne, I don't really know what it's called because it's from the doctor, but I know it has clindamycin and sulphur in it. I usually use this and in a few days the acne is gone. But in this time, the (big) acne were all dried and had flaky skin on it.

I moisturized them eventually but one time I couldn't fight the urge to peel it off. And then it left me with really big, red spots that is dry and flaky. I have three of this acne scarring. One of them between my eyebrows, I've peeled the skin off and it's now left with a flat texture and now it's just a normal hyperpigmentation which I'm actually pretty happy about. Then the next two are on my cheeks, one of them is on my smile line so when I smile it sort of stings. They are so red and look so popping. I peel the skin that is flaking on those two, expecting them to be left soft, like the one on the center of my brows, but they would just bleed and once the bleeding stops, it would just go back to the same red dry flaky skin. I'm guessing this is not a good idea then. But what if they are just dead skin that I should get rid of? Do I peel it again?

Everyday after I moisturize I put on a bit of concealer and then set it with powder (I don't wear any other face makeup like foundation) to cover it even though the texture still couldn't be hidden, obviously. But I still want them to go away quickly because they are frustrating me and stressing the hell out of me. 

I would really appreciate it if some of you guys could help me, like giving me tips how to cure and get rid of them, or just advice to take care of it so it wouldn't get any worse. Thank you so much!

p.s. I have combination skin, oily on the T-zone and dry on the outter area. 

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