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Starting a "No-Pick Sixty" this Friday

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Hi! I can’t tell you what an emotional relief it’s been to find that this community exists online. I'm definitely a stress picker and it's taken me a long time to realize it's a real thing -- I’ve been trying to stop picking and squeezing for about 8 years, with periodic success and many relapses. I hardly ever use sterile tools and I know it’s been so bad for my skin and such a stressor in my life; I often wear makeup to bed so I don’t have to reveal the level of my scars to my boyfriend…It’s bad.


But! I was reading a piece about how to change your habits and it seems to boil down to identifying triggers and redirecting them, and creating accountability for yourself (and doing it cold-turkey). This past week I paid attention to my triggers and wrote down when I felt the urge and what I can do with those feelings instead.


So this Friday (June 16th) I’m challenging myself to a No-Pick Sixty – to not pick for 60 days straight (and hopefully the rest of my life…). Planning to post periodic updates here and would love to share in successes and struggles with anyone at a similar point. There are so many resources just in this forum that I’ve yet to fully sift through – but trying to remember that there’s no time like the present!

Best wishes,


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Today's the day! I have my notebook with me where I wrote alternative responses to triggering feelings. Reminding myself of how good it will feel to be in control of this. And one day I'll be as carefree and comfortable in my skin as my cat! :smileys_n_people_150::smileys_n_people_21:



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Hello people,

Last Friday marked my 30th day without picking. I haven't been perfect -- lots of examining and pulling out hard blackheads that are popping out. But there was only ONE SINGLE time I actually squeezed a pore. I was in total trance mode and when I realized what I was doing ran out of the bathroom. So I have been pretty good at ingraining the idea that squeezing pores just isn't done. But I haven't yet broken the trance-like way that I approach the mirror and systematically examine myself... So still working on that.

I've become OBsessed with finding healthier ways to deal with my skin. I'm now really into pore strips (why didn't I just use them before??) especially these Korean ones called Pig Nose. I'm also accepting that I have kind of oily skin (I had kept up this delusion that I was basically 'normal' aside from this perverse need to squeeze) so I'm using oil absorbing sheets throughout the day. Trying to not wear makeup. And using masks helps because even if it does nothing else it makes me feel like I'm taking care of my skin...The pore strips are helping actually minimize the pores on my nose, but I have been breaking out a little elsewhere (for now blaming that on my recent menstruation). The scars on my face are still very deep and dark but I am certainly not freshly red anymore!

Best to everyone,

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Feeling despondent today. My skin is OKAY and it's true that it's not as red as it used to be. But it still is! Maybe because it's summer but I have so many bumps and small pimples that are taking forever to heal... It would be a lot easier to not pick if I had perfect skin hah. I'm  seeing a therapist today (first time) -- I might ask if I could be directed to someone who has experience with skin picking... Feeling like at this point I would take medication to help. The urge hasn't gone away at all -- I'm just a little better at not doing it. But still obsessed with the idea of purging...

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