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Every moisturizer burns

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I have finally gotten my acne under control with Retin-A Micro, spironolactone, and Lo Loestrin birth control. Now my problem is that my skin is so sensitive that every moisturizer burns. I have used Cerave, cetaphil, Elta MD, and a few others. Any recommendations? The burning only lasts abut 30-60 seconds, but it's still unpleasant.

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maybe try E45 you can get it in a cream and a lotion whichever you prefer, and its designed for sensitive skin and conditions like eczema so it has to be super gentle on your skin

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aveeno baby daily lotion is not bad and you can get a tube of it at walmart for like $5

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I would suggest maybe instead of a commercial lotion try acne safe oils for moisturizing your face- I found that those were much less likely to sting or burn. I was having a short period when even the lightest, most sensitive skin friendly face moisturizer I had burned. I turned to small amounts of olive oil (I know, maybe not the best facial oil for a lot of people, but my skin was super dry and irritated so my skin drank it up and no breakout). Hemp seed, sunflower, emu, grapeseed, rosehip oils are examples of carrier oils with a low likelihood of aggravating acne prone skin (there are more oils but for the sake of brevity I didn't list every single one- just google 'oils for acne prone skin'). Now if you begin using oils for facial moisturization, just know that your skin wil need to get used to that and might do some purging at the beginning.

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