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I think the only thing that's stopping me right now from quitting this regimen is that I already have ordered another set of it. I was scared that I might run out of my cleanser and breakout later on. The price is quite expensive too and I don't want to upset my parents. 

Every single day is just too hard for me, you can't even tell. 

It's been my third week and my face is burning, sometimes it's red and sometimes it's darker than my normal skin tone. I get cystic pimples little by little. I can't contain how much embarrassment I face every single day at school. I also lived in a tropical place, most days are torrid. I can't even protect my skin from the sun because my skin is so dry and wont even blend with my sunscreen. 

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I'm going to stop the BP. I'm planning on continuing with the cleanser and the moisturizer, but my acne isn't bad enough to have to handle the dryness of the BP. I had a question about how long after stopping the BP will it take for my skin back to normal and if I did continue with the cleanser and moisturize will it make me dry like the BP.

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Drop it all. Lets go natural. I'm going to help you out. Do exactly this. Organic strawberries, mango, blackberries, blue berries, papaya, apple, carrots, pineapple and squeeze one half of a lemon. Blend it and put it all over your face leave it on there for 30-1 hr everyday. A little lasts me about 3 days. It's been a week for me and my skin looks amazing after the first mask. Your current pimples will go to a head and just end up falling off mad healing and itlll prevent other pimples from forming because of all the antioxidants and vitamins. You want proof? Retin- a is vitamin a, what are carrots and mangos full of? That's right vitamin a. Natural retin a with no side effects. 

Sorry forgot about banana. It moisturizers your skin. Isn't that awesome? Natural moisturizer 

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Is it possible you started too fast?
At the beginning, you should only use BP once a day, and you should only use a small amount. If you're moisturizing correctly and your skin is still unbearably dry, use less BP until your skin adapts.

Remember, you shouldn't expect to see good results until about 8 weeks in.
My personal opinion is that you should not give up yet.

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Hi, there! I am so sorry you are having trouble with The Regimen. I can assure you, I was also experiencing awful side effects from The Regimen last year. I was following the instructions to a T for about a month, and though my blemishes had cleared up, the dryness and irritation my face was experiencing had become too overwhelming. I ended up quitting because of it. My piece of advice to you would be contacting acne.org customer support. They might be able to offer some insight as to why you may be having a hard time and can offer a tailored down routine for your specific skin type. I am restarting The Regimen again -currently on my second week, Day 10. I am using less BP morning and night and have switched out Dan's moisturizer for another one. I also find that adding a few drops of oil has helped alleviate the dryness, as well as topping off everything with a very thin layer of Vaseline before I head to bed. 

I understand the uncomfortable side effects are all part of the process, but do listen to your skin. If you feel like it is all a bit too much, stop using the BP for a few days and then slowly reintroduce it. Gauge how your skin reacts then and adjust accordingly. I really hope you find some relief soon! Please keep us updated on your progress!

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