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Easier Route to Clear Skin for Me

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Hi All,

I posted a while ago about how a diet full of greens and anti-inflammatory foods totally cleared up my acne for the first time in a decade. Unfortunately, whilst travelling, it was impossible to stick to such a healthy diet and my spots came back (but less aggressive).

I am now back to a state where I don't even think about wearing make-up and do not need to be strict about my roughly healthy diet. I had my DNA coded a while ago and, after using a third party health website, discovered that I  genes that cause me to have Low levels of Omega 3, B vitamins and antioxidants.

Within days of taking high quality probiotics, Omega 3 and B complex my skin was completely clear has stayed that way for the past month.

I also noticed massive difference after switching my skincare routine to a simple REN face wash and Lush Grease Lightning gel only.

Am so happy after a decade of acne and strict make-up I had to share! 

I believe that acne can be a symptom of so many underlying deficiencies or problems, which may be genetic if pervasive, that no one solution will work for everyone, but supporting the gut and anti-inflammatory foods alongside minimal, natural face-care are key before addressing those!

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How did you test your DNA and what's the process like? 

I agree that being make-up free is very beneficial. It takes time to get used to it, but actually I feel prettier without it now.

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The site with health information was DNAFit. I got my raw data originally from 23andme though. It is absolutely fascinating what you can find out, but the fact that my body struggles to process omega 3 and B vitamins (and I therefore need more) was eye-opening! 

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Good stuff here. I believe that the food that one eats also contribute on how our skin appears on the outside. It's a lot of discipline but I also hope I can eat more greens and other healthy food sooner than later! :)

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