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What is this red stuff around my nose?

Had it for about 3 years now, does anyone know exactly what it is? is it scarring? burst blood vessels? seborrheic dermatitis? I thought it would go away on its own but here it is many years later. I'm paranoid that it's scarring and the only fix will be some kind of laser. Is there any way to determine for sure if its scarring? it is ALWAYS red btw, it's not something that comes and goes. Red nosed for 3 years running.

I regularly get pustules and papules around the red area of my nose and it seems quite oily, I get some slight skin flaking too. Other oily areas of my face seem to be the bit between my lower lip and my chin, forehead is probably oiliest after that (I also have a few closed comedones on my forehead, could this all be fungal related?) Recently I noticed I have some dry flaky skin behind my ears, no idea how long that has been a thing though (its fairly minor and hard to spot)


If required I can take more pictures. The redness IMO looks a bit worse in real life, especially outdoors where the contrast between the redness and my pale skin is apparent. Any input is greatly appreciated.

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Dude. I have pretty much the same thing. Around the nose and especially in the nose corners, just like on the picture.
I think my problem is too much BP without moisturising. Are you using any products at all? 

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Hey, I have this exact thing. Did you ever find out what it was? I would love to know. I have tried a lot of product for different things and nothing has ever worked.



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Yes, it is fungus, most likely candida. Apply some clotrimazole crwam (often sold as canesten) - that should fix the problem If it does not fix the problem, get back to me and I can provide advice on more targeted antifungals to use.

Do NOT take antiobiotics, unless you have a life threatening BACTERIAL condition. Fungal problems are CAUSED by taking antibiotics.

Doctors know nothing about skin fungal problems.

The clotrimazole cream should fix the problem.

BP cream will NOT fix the problem, and it muy make it worse.

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me the same. my nose corners have been red for nearly 13 years.:|

i suppose it might be seborrheic dermatitis. in a way it's incurable and will accompany you for manyyyyy years, until you become old enough and your nose no longer releases oil.

keeping a healthy lifestyle can help. 

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