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Okay so a while ago I posted about having flaky skin and it has NOT went away. It only improved a little bit. The actual reason for this post is that I am thinking of restarting the regimen! I am STILL breaking out and it is my 4.5 month using it! I did start with a lot but it was because a pea size just wasn't enough to cover my whole face. I have tried switching moisturizers so the flakyness could stop, but it has not. So, I have a goal of no flakes and almost clear skin before July! I want to stop using it for a week (Or maybe even recommend less/more time?? or to just use it once a day??) and that week has to be after the 13th of May! Do any of you think I will achieve being clear and having no flakes by July? Should I keep going? Should I just stop using it once a day for a couple of days before I stop using it?

- It is SO COMPLICATED to make it lather up so I end up touching my face with my bare hands with the little amount of lathered up cleanser.
- Makes my face DRY.

Benzoyl Peroxide
- It is so complicated to measure it, but I do use 4ml (as compared to 3 pumps) 
-IDK if it works or not.
-Only helps have a few pimples, but not be completely clear.

- Makes my face red for some reason
-Does not help controlling face oil
- STINGS when putting on

- Made my face tight when using it daily at night with half moisturizer (I could not even speak properly!)
- Makes skin more flaky

- I drink lots of water.
- I have cutout dairy.

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Use just enough benzoyl peroxide to cover your entire face, a small thin layer. Keep it at that amount until you are not flaking anymore , and then slowly ramp it up. With this your flakiness should go away by July. 

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