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Measuring Tool

Software program that automatically cures diet-induced acne

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What if there was a little software program that you could tell what foods you're eating each day, and it automatically analyzes your diet and figures out what is causing your acne (assuming it's diet-based, so not going to cure everyone).

E.g, you tell it stuff like this each day:

Monday 17th April 2017:
Cheerios w/ milk
Big bag of Doritos
KFC value bucket
Kool-aid jug
KFC value bucket (again)
Small brownie

Acne Report:
4x existing whiteheads
2x existing cysts

1x new whitehead (upper chin)
1x new cyst (lower right jaw)

Tuesday 18th April 2017:

Vanilla ice cream
Sunny-Dee Orange~
4 litre - Cola
McDonalds nugget meal x2
Glass of soy milk

Acne Report:
5x existing whiteheads
3x existing cysts

1x new whitehead (upper chin)
2x new whitehead (lower chin)
2x new whitehead (centre of forehead)
1x new cyst (right cheek)
2x new cyst (under chin)


Then, after a few weeks maybe, you can tell the program to 'analyze' the data you've put into it, so far. It would look at all the dairy foods, sugar foods, grains, etc., and then spot the correlations where certain nutrients are causing a pattern of more acne, kinda like this:

Analysis (two days):
Dairy - chance of acne cause = 86%.
Sugar - chance of acne cause = 71%.
Wheat - chance of acne cause = 14%.

It could have like an auto-picker for meals you eat often, where you tell it what's in the meal, then you just click it from a list of 'favourites' or something, and it zaps all the iffy food groups into the program.

Does a program like this already exist?

If not, would anyone (besides me) find it useful? :)

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23 minutes ago, VibrantViper said:

This would be amazing. I would so use it. I try to restrict my diet as much as I can, but sometimes I just don't know what's causing a breakout.

Well~, it's great to hear that I'm not the only one ^_^.

If such a program doesn't exist, I could have a go at writing it, as I used to work as a computer programmer.

If it worked correctly, it could really cure many people's acne, although I think a lot of folks would prefer a mobile version of something like this, which I don't have any experience writing code for (although there's a lot of other talented programmers out there, and possibly on here!)

If anyone else thinks this idea has potential, let us know! :smileys_n_people_20: Edited by Measuring Tool
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I just thought of something:

If you can write a program that works-out what food is giving you acne, then that program must therefore be able to use that same information in reverse - so you could put in a food, and it would tell you how much acne you would get as a result of eating it! ^_^ Took me three months to figure that out... :/

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