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Hi there, I've been on here for a few years and generally found this to be a supportive and lovely place. I have been away for a while and returned and I've noticed that the tone here seems more hostile than before (not just acne.org ... I guess the whole Internet is more hostile now).

I would really appreciate a block button that allows me to block an individual as this seems the simplest way to avoid the stress involved with dealing with people who bring irrelevant and needless judgement/hostility into forums.

Block features do make a huge positive difference to many sites like this.

Many thanks

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20 minutes ago, Grooving Till Old, Till Dust said:

Sorry to hear you've come across some bad people on this site. It is the internet, so I guess you are bound to come across some unpleasant people occasionally, that goes for real life too hehe

thanks x thats true but on most sites you get a block option so you can keep yourself relatively safe from abuse. It seems like a simple and sensible idea that is effective on most social online platforms.
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8 hours ago, Control Panel said:

Update: Sorry, I assumed this feature worked, but I got an error upon testing it. I'll let the programming team know.

Thank you for sharing and you checking. It's also worth passing on to them that I can't see that feature at all. I assume that it's because I am on my phone so currently it seems that the feature would be totally unavailable (and invisible) to phone users at this point even if it was working. (Unless it is being tested as a feature and the programming team have given moderators access to features that haven't been released yet?). Anyway thanks again :) 
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