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This is a going to be a ramble because I really just need to get this out. And it really sucks how I can't talk to anyone I know because they could never relate...

I don't have the worst acne in the world but it is still really noticeable and i think the amount of acne people have doesn't affect how terrible you feel when you have it on your face 24/7. I gradually got acne from my nose to my forehead and now my cheeks and it has definately affected me.
I go out less because I am too self conscious of even strangers seeing me and now I can't even leave my bedroom without makeup because I am scared of comments or looks from my family. Even at school with makeup I can see people staring at my skin through my makeup while I make trying to have a conversation with them and I really feels degrading. I can't get professional help right even speak to a doctor because I'm not close with my family and I'm too scared to ask for help. I can't even watch a TV show or look through a magazine without comparing my skin to others and it really hurts.
I really hate it at school when I hear the other girls conversations about how they get a spot and then im here looking like a monster in comparison. 
I wish people with clear skin are more greatful for their skin as they will never know how hard it is to live with acne which does make me a bit jealous...
if anyone reads this and has any recommendations for acne products you can get at shops or online please let know xx

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I can relate. I also compare my skin to everybody else and feel bad by how imperfect my skin is comparison. I recommend washing your face with a gentle face wash and before bed apply a generous amount of 2.5% benzoyl peroxide cream to your face.

Try to go easy on yourself mentally because you didnt choose to get acne. Its a skin disease, a disease, so have mercy and care for yourself.

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