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I've had acne for awhile but when I was in my teen years, the acne I got was very mild. Some on my forehead, some on my cheeks but they were barely noticeable. Now, I'm in my early 20s and I've been struggling with back acne. It's the worst! I had clear skin up until I was about 21, I started going to the gym every day, working out and feeling great! I'd be super tired some days, so I'd sit around after the gym (since I would go around 6pm and leave at 8:45pm or so) I'd be in my sweaty clothes, not caring (gross, I know!) Then one day I started noticing this little pimple in the middle of my back, dead center. I couldn't reach it and I kept trying to pick at it because it hurt. I should've known this was the start of something horrible! After the pimple/zit or whatever it was went away, it left a dark mark which I didn't really care about, I was just happy it was no longer hurting me. Then it kept returning in the same damn spot! I was so over it, i left it alone and showered after every workout session. Then after awhile i noticed more acne formed around the center of my back, where my sports bra covers. I thought how weird? I'm showering every day. What's the deal? The acne on my back has been calm for some time now, I usually have around 2 active pimples but a lot of scars. So it looks worse than what it really is, but i felt and still feel embarrassed to wear anything that shows the center of my back. 

I've never gone to the derm to fix that issue, I did go once for acne on my face because a couple months ago I kept getting acne around the lining of my lips and it was something I had never experience before. I freaked and had it checked immediately. Luckily, the medicine I was prescribed cleared that outbreak fast! It also did wonders for my back acne (scars were still there). However, 3 months later the acne on my back came right back and I was back to square one. I've tried a bunch of different home remedies, sea salt was my favorite but my tub is too small and I have to position myself awkwardly, so i stopped doing that (plus it wastes so much water!). I tried a sea salt spray on my back, that didn't do much. I'm also never consistent because like most everyone, i want quick results! I've never tried actual acne products like proactiv on my back (except the neutrgonea body wash, it did nothing) because i've always been scared that it will do more harm than good. Hesitantly, I did buy the acne.org body regimen.

Now for my questions 
1) What have you guys tried that works and doesn't involve showering more than once a day? (Products, soaps, etc)
Honestly, I don't have the time nor the devotion to apply that much effort lol especially, when I'm in college. I also read articles of people that just rinsed their back and their acne cleared. I can't do that, I wouldn't feel clean enough.
2) How do you apply the regimen by yourself in areas you can't reach?
Been using the acne.org body regimen for a week -- consistently too yay! However, I'm having trouble reaching the center. I've  had help to reach that area thus far, since she's gone for a couple of days :/ I saw the body buddy on here is that worth it? 
3)What products work for acne scars? Never tried anything for that aspect. 

Thank you to anyone that reads this all the way through and comments with advice! 

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